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LEDs are lightweight and power-saving and have high durability and a long life, among other features. The earliest applications were for alarm and advertising; but, especially since high-brightness SMD LEDs became practical, the penetration rate has increased rapidly as LEDs began to be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as backlighting for monitors, televisions, and mobile phones. SDI Corporation focuses on long life and durability, using mold processing technology, 3D design capability, and product design knowledge to provide our customers with complete solutions.

The Top View LED is a kind of SMD LED used on billboards, backlit screens, marquee displays, and so on.
The Side View LED is a kind of SMD LED which is most often used for the backlighting of mobile phones, PDAs, and other small devices.
High Power LEDs are used primarily for outdoor lighting, light bulbs, headlights, and so on.
Laser Opto components, for CD / DVD / Blu-Ray and other optical storage devices.
For customized products, devices are developed according to specifications provided by customers.