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Core Technology
SDI has various manufacturing processes,including progressive stamping, plating, etching, coating, heat-treatment, grinding, and plastic molding. SDI uses these processes in the development and manufacture of various products to the meet our customers’ demands.
Equipped with various types of high-speed stamping presses and utilizing progressive dies, SDI has developed a stamping capability that clearly meets today’s demand for high-quality precision stamping. SDI demands high precision for all products, with a tolerance of less than 0.1 mm. SDI’s core competitive advantage lies in the design and manufacture of high-precision molds.

From raw material to semi-finished products, SDI can perform plating work on a spot, a strip, or a complete unit. Plating materials include gold, silver, copper, nickel, nickel-phosphorous, palladium, and other metals. SDI does its best to research and develop methods to mold raw materials and lead frames. SDI’s excellent plating technology enables products to pass high temperature and humidity testing, yielding a high-quality product which can adapt to various environmental changes. Due to small differences in temperature and pressure, hot runner technology improves product quality and is also cost-effective. It could be now considered a work of manufacturing art.